Photo: / fot. Kacper Kowalski

Photo: / fot. Kacper Kowalski

Photo: / fot. Kacper Kowalski



first PORT cold store in poland certified according to:

ISO 9001, IFS LOG, BRCGS S&D, MSC COC, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and SMETA

DAY @ Coldstore Gdansk

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Why us:

  • Located at international transport hub of pan-european TEN-T network
  • Strategic location adjacent to two terminals providing direct container services with Asia, Africa and Western Europe
  • Logistic hub linking Central and Eastern Europe with the rest of the world

​Why us:


  • Dedicated quay for servicing of reefer vessels and fishing trawlers
  • Cargo operations of palletized and non-palletized products
  • Landings of fish under the NAFO's & NEAFC's port authorization

Why us:


  • Location at Customs Free Zone of Port of Gdansk
  • DIrect and convenient road and rail connections (national and abroad)
  • Comprehensive and customer oriented services within the whole chain of custody

polozenie Strategic location

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oferta Offer

30 000 pallet places at convenient spot

Efficient services for  vessels, reefer containers, trucks and cargo trains.

Complex storage services providing full traceability of the entrusted cargo

High quality confirmed by certificates

lot of space

We provide 30 000 pallet places located in 4 cold storage chambers at 5 levels of movable high stacking racking system. Thanks to this advanced construction we manage to not only to save the storage space needed for this amount of cargo, but also, due to the system of unique pallet locations, ensure the full traceability of stored cargo.


Moreover, we have dedicated space for providing value added services and also for cargo intake/outtake operations on trucks, containers and reefer vessels.


efficient service


Thanks to the location at the entrance to the Port of Gdansk and access to dedicated quay for the cold store customers, as well as thanks to the solution oriented team, we provide the highest quality standards of handling temperature controlled goods with cost- and time-wise manner.


Additionally, thanks to the close location adjacent to the two terminals with direct container services to Asia, Africa and Western Europe, we ensure competitive and efficient service of handling reefer containers in the scope of cross-docking services, as well as complex handling of non-palletized cargo.

Controlled conditions


Management of the warehouse space is supported by dedicated software of Warehouse Management System (WMS) fully based on unique SSCC barcodes. This ensures the full traceability of stored goods and optimization of the warehouse space needs. Temperature measurement based on 96 samples per day ensures full control of storage conditions up to -25 degree of Celcius.


One of the priorities of the handling and storage process is to ensure reliable and complex information for our customers about their goods as well as the history of operation made on entrusted cargo, including full traceability of cargo flow.

High quality


Our Cold Store is the first this kind of warehouse in Poland granted with BRCGS Storage & Distribution certificate. The high quality of our services was confirmed by independent certification according to the ISO 9001, IFS Logistics, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, SMETA and MSC/ASC Chain of Custody standard which ensures maintenance of the MSC/ASCstatus during the storage of MSC/ASC labeled products.


Our mission is to ensure complex, integrated, safe and high-quality services in the logistics chain of temperature-sensitive products, meeting the needs of customers and implemented with care for food safety and with respect for and rational management of natural resources, including in particular natural sea resources.


Above mentioned mission we implement by 3 strategic goals:


1. Ensuring the high quality of services.

2. Providing the complex, optimal and integrated service offering across the entire logistics chain.

3. Activity for the rational management of natural resources.


plus Value added


We'd like you to know what is going on with your cargo at our cold store.
We have dedicated warehouse management system (WMS) based on unique barcodes, ensuring full traceability at each stage of the cargo flow.


To take care about natural environment, we minimize energy losses through heat recovery. We proactively manage the energy consumption and we have implemented eco friendly solutions (i.a. LED lighting in the chambers) and waste segregation policy.


We create conditions to optimize your customs and fiscal costs, because our cold store is located in the Customs Free Zone.
Our Value Added Logistics (VAL) service offer will reduce your costs of product delivery to the final consumer.


In the vicinity of the cold store is located dedicated quay exclusively available for cooperating vessels and in the range of 5 km from the cold store there are two container terminals offering direct services to Asia, Africa and Western Europe.

ludzik Team

Maciej Kisiel

Managing Director

+ 48 58 768 7 500

Tomasz Woźniak

Operations Director

+48 604 594 806

Aleksandra Czaja-Pacholska

Finance & Accounting

+48 604 756 165

Małgorzata Mateja

Customer Service

+48 604 597 760

Tomek Grybek

Administration & Quality

+48 668 624 746

Rafał Nawałka


+48 604 754 706

Customer Service Office/Служба поддержки клиентов

+48 58 768 7 502

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Chlodnia Gdansk

Port of Gdansk

Duty Free Zone

28 Przemyslowa Str.

ZIP Code 80-542

Gdańsk – Nowy Port


Contact us now:

phone: +48 58 768 7 500

fax: + 48 58 768 7 507



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